Is it typical for you to search the web for reviews and tips on hotels, flights, restaurants, tourist spots or attractions on places you want to visit?  Do you scan travel magazines such as the National Geographic, Conde Nast Tarveler, Travel and Leisure, and AFAR on your spare time and take notes on suggested vacation destinations? Do you spend ample time trying to find reliable and firsthand experiences of travelers and see candid photos or videos taken at hotels and resorts you’re going to book? Do you want to fully know what you’ll get or expect when you make the hotel reservation?  Because that’s what I do months before our travel.

I search for hotel review sites to find hotel comparison.  By using the hotel search engines or hotel finder, I am able to know the cheapest hotel accommodation and hotel discounts. I can compare hotel prices and narrow down my choices after reading hotel reviews.

And to help others on their search, I’ve created this website solely to review hotels and resorts we’ve been to, flight accommodations on airlines we’ve flown, cruise ships we’ve sailed, restaurants where we’ve eaten, tourist spots and theme parks we’ve visited. I hope by doing this and becoming a personal travel advisor, I’ll be able to help fellow wanderers to decide where to stay, what airline to fly, what to eat and where, what places to visit, what things to do, and let them get the most of their vacation.

And so I was thinking, what if they don’t have the time to research about their destination and just go through hotel booking in a haste?  Or worse, find last minute hotels… That’s when I decided to become a travel agent. With Bree Travel, you are assured your destination, your hotel, your excursions are well thought of. You let us do the work for you so you only have to pack your bags, relax, and enjoy every minute of your getaway.

Ready to conquer the world?

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In life, vacation matters.. Let Bree Travel help you plan with yours.

We specialize on individual tours and small groups with VIP access (no waiting in line) to famous tourist attractions all over the world, Disney and other cruises, Disney Aulani Hawaii, Disney World Resorts family vacations, and international airfare originating in the USA.

We also do romantic and honeymoon packages, wedding destinations, and more!

We have first hand knowledge on Asian countries for your exotic holidays too.

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